Friday, June 8, 2018

newsletter from Suzanne Scholte

hello all

Suzanne Scholte has sent out another newsletter regarding activities in regards to North Koreans so just passing along.

SoonJa of NKinUSA is accepting any unwanted flash drives to format and install information to North Koreans telling them about the outside world.
you can contact her at the email below and she will get back to you.

also, i reccomend the book called "the accusation" written by a North Korean still living in North Korea.

 Dear Friends:

First up: I am pleased to share with you the link to the report on North Korea Freedom Week 2018: The Truth Will Set Them Free which is now posted on the North Korea Freedom Coalition website at  Also, posted is the letter to President Donald Trump from the North Korean defector organizations regarding his planned meeting with Kim Jong Un.
And, you can also watch many of the events and sessions that occurred during NKFW 2018 as NKFC Vice-Chair Jason West recorded and posted them at

And now for some action items:

 For those in the DC Metro Area:
TOMORROW: Join us at 9 AM Friday, June 8 for the Victims of Communism Memorial for the annual Wreath Laying Ceremony: We will once again be representing the people of North Korea and laying a wreath to remember the millions of innocent men, women and children who have died because of the Kim family dictatorship.  It is very fitting on the days just before the Trump-Kim summit to remember that North Korea is one of five remaining dictatorships where the people continue to suffer and die under the tyranny of communism that has already killed over 100 million people worldwide.   Everyone is welcome to join us for this event.  Note for the media: Park Sang Hak of Fighters for Free North Korea and Grace Jo of NKinUSA will be attending the event and available for press interviews.  You can learn more here:

For Everyone Where Ever You Are in the World:
Join us for Days of Prayer and Fasting for North Korea:  Our International Day of Prayer and Fasting during the first day of North Korea Freedom Week 2018 was so powerful we decided to set aside significant dates coming up to pray and fast  for North Korea’s FREEDOM this summer.   These dates have been set aside to pray and fast:
June 11th: to pray for the Turmp-Kim summit planned for the 12th in Singapore; 
June 25th: anniversary of the day North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 and the Korean War broke out;
August 15th: Korean Liberation Day; and
August 25th: anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK by Kim Il Song and the beginning of the Kim family’s reign of terror. 

As Rev. Thomas Belke, author of JUCHE, in his presentation to the US Congressional Briefing in January stated: fasting and prayer are the key to breaking the status quo impasse in North Korea.  Belke described our April 28th International Day of Prayer and Fasting as a Kingdom of God D Day Assault with people all over the world praying and fasting together for North Korea’s Freedom.  Now, that we have stormed the beaches, it is time to liberate the cities and the nation through prayer and fasting for North Korea’s FREEDOM.  Roxann Moss of Christians in Crisis will be updating our website April 28 website at

The Bridge US is looking for North Korean defectors in the USA who are interested in entrepreneurship and microfinance. The Bridge has already successfully been helping North Korean defectors in South Korea to start their own businesses, and now they are expanding the project to the USA. Those of you who know North Korean defectors who are interested in business and looking for microfinancing opportunities, please have them contact Charry Lee at  You can learn more at the Bridge’s website at

PSALT’s Backpack Project is Back:  PSALT is once again collecting items to help school aged North Korean refugees in the USA to be ready for school.  You can help PSALT with their backpack project by providing bulk items of 30 school supplies or toys by July 20th or donate online to help

No Chain Requesting More Flash Drives: You can help No Chain with its efforts to get information to North Korea by donating flash drives. Please visit for further information.  Note: Ji Soon Ja is collecting flash drives here in the USA and can be reached at

For folks in Seoul:
Casey Lartigue of Teach North Korean Refugees: is seeking volunteer English tutors or speech coaches.    This is a wonderful way to help North Koreans in South Korea.  Learn more at:

Free North Korea Radio Update: Free North Korea Radio continues to be the most popular single hour of programming to North Korea, and once again ranked #3 in all radio stations in South Korea.   This remarkable achievement is because of the great partnership between the defectors in South Korea who produce the broadcast and American citizens and churches who pay for the shortwave transmission.  Because of the current situation in South Korea where the Moon government has promised North Korea’s dictator that they will stop information to North Korea, the defector led organizations like FNKR are going to need even more help in the days ahead.  It is vital to keep this award winning program on the air to spread the truth to North Koreans.  Please consider becoming part of this amazing partnership – you can learn more by visiting:

For your Summer Reading: The Accusation -- Now Also Available in Paperback: We have a few hard back copies remaining but more paperback copies of The Accusation  for your summer reading.  The only dissident book from North Korea, The Accusation was written by someone still living in the DPRK who uses the pseudonym BANDI, which means “Firefly” in Korean as he is shining a light out of the darkness of the DPRK.  He is North Korea’s Solzhenitsyn. If you would like to order a copy, donate $15.50 for paper back or $20.50 for hard back on line at and will get you your copy right away!


Suzanne Scholte
Seoul Peace Prize Laureate
President, Defense Forum Foundation
Chair, North Korea Freedom Coalition

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Interview With a North Korean Refugee

I conducted a very short interview with a North Korean Refugee who now lives in Canada.

In order to keep the identity of this person anonymous, I cannot share a large portion
of the interview or include their name, date of birth or age.
However, the person allowed me to post and share two questions and answers
that were discussed in this interview.
Question: What was the one thing that you/your parents remember the most about life
in North Korea?

Response: “The most memorable thing back in the People's Republic was the Day of
the Sun celebration. General Kim Il Sung's birthday was on April 15th
so that was the day when everyone could celebrate and eat food.
I remember being full on these days.“

Question: How was schooling in North Korea compared to schooling in Canada?

Response: “School was surprisingly similar to school in Canada
except the fact that we had to learn about the Supreme Leader's Life.
We were expected to know Kim Il Sung's birthday
even though we didn't know our own grandfather's birthday.”

Question: Did both of your parents work when they were in North Korea?
If so, would you be able to tell me their occupations?

Response: “My father was a fisherman.
Most of his catch we had to sell so I was never "full".
However during the Sun Parade I remember going on my father's ship and
eating the catch he brought up.
We didn't need to sell as much on those days.”

Friday, June 1, 2018

Montgomery County Council member Craig Rice presented award to Grace Jo for her work with North Korean Refugees

Montgomery County Council member Craig Rice presented Grace Jo, Vice President of NKInUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) with a proclamation on behalf of the Montgomery Council recognizing her for her work with North Korean refugees and with NKinUSA, because NKInUSA is a non-profit organization founded by North Korean refugees for the human rights crisis in North Korea.

NKinUSA is working to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in North Korea, to help facilitate escape and safe passage for North Korean refugees, and to provide them with resettlement assistance in a third country including the United States of America.

President and Vice President of NKinUSA have given talks on several university campuses across in the United States

President of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States),  Jinhye and Vice President Grace Jo have given talks on several university campuses across the United States about their personal experiences escaping North Korea and their own perspective on recent events on the Korean Peninsula:

On March 17, Jinhye participated in Georgetown THiNK’s annual conference, LIFE in North Korea.

On April 9, Grace spoke at an event at Harvard University sponsored by Harvard Human Rights in North Korea.

On April 13, Grace held a discussion, “Through the Haze” at GWU THiNK.

On April 16, Liberty in North Korea at University of Maryland College Park hosted a visit and talk by Grace.

And on April 22, Jinhye visited Emory University for an event co-hosted by Liberty in North Korea, Re’Generation Movement: Korea, and East Asia Collective.

George Washington University’s THiNK organization hosted Vice President of NKinUSA, Grace Jo

On Friday, April 13 in 2018 George Washington University’s THiNK organization hosted Vice President of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States), Grace Jo, for a dinner and discussion on the North Korean human rights crisis. Leading the discussion, Grace Jo shared her own experiences as a North Korean refugee and the hardships both her and her family, as well as countless other refugees endured on their road to freedom.

Guided by questions from the audience, Grace detailed her experience under the oppressive North Korean regime. Students, scholars and other North Korean human rights activists alike asked questions regarding human rights, the inner workings of the Kim regime as well as North Korean public opinion inside the state. Grace shed light on the mindset of the people still living under the regime and her aspirations for their freedom as well.

Grace later highlighted the work she has done with NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) in facilitating the rescue and resettlement of North Korean Refugees in the United States. Through raising funds, awareness and aiding in the relocation of these refugees, Grace along with NKinUSA, has made the safe resettlement of numerous North Korean Refugees to the United States possible.

At the end of the discussion Grace was given the opportunity to have some of her questions answered by audience members, where the conversation shifted towards the American perception of the North Korean refugee crisis.

This dialogue highlighted the need for a greater awareness of the issue from both policy makers and citizens alike. Grace’s firsthand account of life in North Korea, a narrative largely unknown to the global community, shed light on the importance of the fight for human rights in North Korea.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Charity Happy Hour for NKinUSA, North Korean Refugees in the USA will be hosted on the 30th of May at 6:00

NKinUSA's Charity Happy Hour will be held on May 30th at 6 p.m.

You are welcome to join Charity Happy Hour for NKinUSA, North Korean Refugees in the United States. We'll also be watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between DC's very own Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Happy Hour starts at 6:00, game starts at 8:00. There will be happy hour specials all night, raffle prizes, and the first $500 of Happy Hour sales go to NKinUSA.

The event will be hosted by NKinUSA President and Founder Jinhye Jo who escaped from North Korea and now works as a human rights activist. NKinUSA works to help North Korean refugees and is a 501(c)(3) based here in the DC area that focuses on refugee rescues, resettlement assistance, and raising awareness about the human rights situation in North Korea.
Come learn more, support this cause, and network with other people!

The event starts at 6:00 PM, but feel free to arrive as early or late as you please and stay as long as you like. Free parking is available behind the restaurant in the building garage. It is also a short bus ride from the Rosslyn Metro (4A) or the Courthouse Metro (4B). Both buses are towards Seven Corners. Better yet, for those coming from DC, take the 16Y from McPherson, Farragut, or Foggy Bottom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

DPRK not ready to give up its nukes after what the trump administration did with Iran

after seeing what the united states has done with the Iran nuclear deal, it's no wonder Kim is not ready to give up its nukes.

add to the fact that trump appointed the low life pictured below, it's no wonder the NK regime wont trust anything the united states says.
here is a bit of info in regards to john bolton.

here is a good explanation by James Corbett regarding the flimsy excuse the trump administration made to renege on the Iran nuclear deal.
the point being is that it is a reminder to the Kim regime that you cant trust the word of the united states corporation.

Friday, May 11, 2018

President Trump will meet Kim Jong Un at Singapore

President Trump will meet Kim Jong Un at Singapore on the 12th of June to discuss about the peace in Korean Peninsula without nuclear weapons.
I hope North Korea will focus on the economic development after the meeting.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kim Jong Un wants to adopt the Vietnamese economic policy to the world

Kim Jong Un wants to adopt the Vietnamese economic policy to the world.
Kim Jong Un wants to open the door to the world.
He is inspired by the present economy in Vietnam.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

North Korea frees 3 US citizens

  News reveal that North Korea authorities has released 3 US prisoners ahead of historic Trump summit. The 3 US citizens were released from years-long detentions in a suspected labor camp, and given medical treatment as well as "ideological education". News source is from Choi Sung-ryong, a human right advocate.

  The 3 prisoners are Kim Dong-cheol (South Korea-born American pastor), Kim Sang-deok and Kim Hak-seong. North Korea now knows that the world is watching, thus being more careful to its decisions.

Picture: USA's Pompeo and NK's Kim Jong Un

Saturday, April 28, 2018

North Korean refugees can visit North Korea to meet their families?

President Moon and Kim Jong Un will arrange the family reunion between North Korean and South Korean families.

Is it possible for North Korean refugees to meet their families?
I hope North Korean refugees also join the family reunion event.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Kim Jong Un promised to close the place for nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un promised to close the place for nuclear weapons.
It is a good piece of news.
Kim Jong Un shows his willingness to the peace in Korean Peninsula.
Nuclear weapons in North Korea was the biggest obstacle toward the peace in Korean Peninsula .

Friday, April 13, 2018

President Jinhye Jo of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) will speak at Emory University

President Jinhye Jo of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) will speak at Emory University in Atlanta on April 22nd, 4:00 pm (Sunday).

Further details, including exact location, will be posted on the website of NKinUSA ( as they become available.

Please remember to check the website of NKinUSA regularly,, for the latest news including information about how to donate.

North Korean Refugees in the United States (NKinUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in September 2011 by a group of North Korean refugees re-settled in the U.S. and other individuals concerned about the human rights crisis in North Korea. NKinUSA is the first human rights organization established by North Korean defectors in the U.S.

NKinUSA’s mission is three-fold: to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in North Korea, to help facilitate escape and safe passage for North Korean refugees, and to provide them with resettlement assistance in a third country, such as the United States. NKinUSA is committed to improving the human rights situation in North Korea and to bringing other North Koreans to freedom.

GW Truth and Human Rights in North Korea (THiNK) hosts Grace Jo of NKinUSA to discuss the current issues surrounding North Korea

GW Truth and Human Rights in North Korea (THiNK) is a student organization dedicated to raising awareness about the situation in North Korea on the GW campus. GW Truth and Human Rights in N orth Korea (THiNK) hosts regular events featuring experts, witnesses, and activists.

GW THiNK hosts North Korean refugee and Grace Jo, the Vice-President of NKinUSA (North Korean refugees in the United States) for dinner and a discussion about the many current events surrounding North Korea.

Location:  District House, 2121 H Street Northwest, Room B118, Washington DC 20052

Opportunity to ask questions, especially about human rights and life in North Korea.
Dinner is catered by Bonchon Chicken.

Grace Jo, Vice-President of NKinUSA spoke about her experience in North Korea at Harvard Yenching Auditorium, Harvard University on April 9th.

Grace Jo, Vice-President of NKinUSA spoke about her experience in North Korea at Harvard Yenching Auditorium, Harvard University on April 9th.

Grace Jo, North Korean defector and current Vice-President of NKinUSA, spoke about her experiences in a discussion moderated by Dr. Peter Kwon, Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies.

Following her talk, there was a Q&A session and a group dinner in the Common Room.
Before the event, there was the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra performing a short musical tribute.
This event was sponsored by Harvard Human Rights in North Korea.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

6 teens sentenced for listening to Korean songs

  In late March, 6 teenagers aging 16 ~ 17 were sentenced for listening to Korean melodies from ROK. After listening to 50 of them, they decided to share with others by USB, but were caught during the process. They probably end up being in labor camps.

  Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un and his wife said they have 'pretty much enjoyed' the performances brought by South Korean artist group who arrived recently. This reveals the double standard and paradox of NK's policies and system.

  In North Korea, not only South Korean and American entertainments are strictly banned. Those who watch Russian and Indian movies (Bollywood) will be jailed for 3 years.  
According to "North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity", an organization composed of NK defectors, there are currently around 1200 North Koreans jailed in Kaechon prison in north-western part. Their crime was solely watching South Korean TV shows.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bottled Food From South Korea to North Korea

People of South Korea are taking advantage of ocean currents in order to send food and information into North Korea. Volunteers of humanitarian groups from Ganghwa Island ship aid packages which contains substances such as rice, medicine, currency, and other resourceful information. The idea is for these bottled packages to wash ashore in cities and towns along the west coast of North Korea.

Previously, informations with goods were sent through a balloon system. However they found the bottle system to be much more effective. This week, 500kg and 400 computer USBs (containing South Korean movies and other international news) were sent. This type of operation has been executed 53 times, and officials are forecasting another one to take place within 15 days. Around 40% of the North Korean population is under-nurtritioned, and humanitarian groups are trying to reduce this percentage through bottled food.

More detailed information regarding this operation and program can be found below by following the link.

Article Link:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Photos speak louder - Meet the Children of world's last Communist Empire

  Children, often associated with angels and sometimes regarded as deities in Asia, are visual manifestation of all young and positive elements such as joy, naivety, peace and hope.
Yet, children are among the most vulnerable group to suffer from abuse and deception.
The saddest picture on earth is probably tears on a child's face.
Let's meet North Korea's children:

Chidren help their families with agricultural activities.
Schools probably never teach them that child labor is prohibited globally.

Soldiers. The uniforms certainly make them look like adults.

Kids in Nampho orphanage.

Malnutrition is still very prevalent, and income disparity too.
A life without fear in NK perhaps only exists in dreams.

"The happiest children of the world"

Food is everything. 

School uniforms: white shirt + dark blue skirts / trousers + symbolic red tie.
The red tie as children's uniform exists in almost all Communist countries.
Children are children after all.
They still enjoy small things and friends surrounding their lives, putting the world aside.

Probably the most horrendous picture on internet.
The top one is from the famine that lasted 10 years from 1995 which resulted in 2.5 million deaths. The bottom one is probably more recent. Not much improved.

Children are expected to smile in front of audiences, even if their hearts won't listen.

Forbidden: The regime considers showing smiles or casual expressions under portraits of the leadership to be disrespectful.
2011, in front of Juche tower.
 Nowadays NK children seem to have more fun, thanks to Made in China imports.

Same clothes, same faces, same motion, expected to have same minds.
Arirang mass games.
Cannot imagine what punishment they'll receive if one off them falls down.
"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."
- Anne Frank