Friday, April 20, 2018

Kim Jong Un promised to close the place for nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un promised to close the place for nuclear weapons.
It is a good piece of news.
Kim Jong Un shows his willingness to the peace in Korean Peninsula.
Nuclear weapons in North Korea was the biggest obstacle toward the peace in Korean Peninsula .

Friday, April 13, 2018

President Jinhye Jo of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) will speak at Emory University

President Jinhye Jo of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) will speak at Emory University in Atlanta on April 22nd, 4:00 pm (Sunday).

Further details, including exact location, will be posted on the website of NKinUSA ( as they become available.

Please remember to check the website of NKinUSA regularly,, for the latest news including information about how to donate.

North Korean Refugees in the United States (NKinUSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in September 2011 by a group of North Korean refugees re-settled in the U.S. and other individuals concerned about the human rights crisis in North Korea. NKinUSA is the first human rights organization established by North Korean defectors in the U.S.

NKinUSA’s mission is three-fold: to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in North Korea, to help facilitate escape and safe passage for North Korean refugees, and to provide them with resettlement assistance in a third country, such as the United States. NKinUSA is committed to improving the human rights situation in North Korea and to bringing other North Koreans to freedom.

GW Truth and Human Rights in North Korea (THiNK) hosts Grace Jo of NKinUSA to discuss the current issues surrounding North Korea

GW Truth and Human Rights in North Korea (THiNK) is a student organization dedicated to raising awareness about the situation in North Korea on the GW campus. GW Truth and Human Rights in N orth Korea (THiNK) hosts regular events featuring experts, witnesses, and activists.

GW THiNK hosts North Korean refugee and Grace Jo, the Vice-President of NKinUSA (North Korean refugees in the United States) for dinner and a discussion about the many current events surrounding North Korea.

Location:  District House, 2121 H Street Northwest, Room B118, Washington DC 20052

Opportunity to ask questions, especially about human rights and life in North Korea.
Dinner is catered by Bonchon Chicken.

Grace Jo, Vice-President of NKinUSA spoke about her experience in North Korea at Harvard Yenching Auditorium, Harvard University on April 9th.

Grace Jo, Vice-President of NKinUSA spoke about her experience in North Korea at Harvard Yenching Auditorium, Harvard University on April 9th.

Grace Jo, North Korean defector and current Vice-President of NKinUSA, spoke about her experiences in a discussion moderated by Dr. Peter Kwon, Soon Young Kim Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies.

Following her talk, there was a Q&A session and a group dinner in the Common Room.
Before the event, there was the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra performing a short musical tribute.
This event was sponsored by Harvard Human Rights in North Korea.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

6 teens sentenced for listening to Korean songs

  In late March, 6 teenagers aging 16 ~ 17 were sentenced for listening to Korean melodies from ROK. After listening to 50 of them, they decided to share with others by USB, but were caught during the process. They probably end up being in labor camps.

  Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un and his wife said they have 'pretty much enjoyed' the performances brought by South Korean artist group who arrived recently. This reveals the double standard and paradox of NK's policies and system.

  In North Korea, not only South Korean and American entertainments are strictly banned. Those who watch Russian and Indian movies (Bollywood) will be jailed for 3 years.  
According to "North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity", an organization composed of NK defectors, there are currently around 1200 North Koreans jailed in Kaechon prison in north-western part. Their crime was solely watching South Korean TV shows.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bottled Food From South Korea to North Korea

People of South Korea are taking advantage of ocean currents in order to send food and information into North Korea. Volunteers of humanitarian groups from Ganghwa Island ship aid packages which contains substances such as rice, medicine, currency, and other resourceful information. The idea is for these bottled packages to wash ashore in cities and towns along the west coast of North Korea.

Previously, informations with goods were sent through a balloon system. However they found the bottle system to be much more effective. This week, 500kg and 400 computer USBs (containing South Korean movies and other international news) were sent. This type of operation has been executed 53 times, and officials are forecasting another one to take place within 15 days. Around 40% of the North Korean population is under-nurtritioned, and humanitarian groups are trying to reduce this percentage through bottled food.

More detailed information regarding this operation and program can be found below by following the link.

Article Link:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Photos speak louder - Meet the Children of world's last Communist Empire

  Children, often associated with angels and sometimes regarded as deities in Asia, are visual manifestation of all young and positive elements such as joy, naivety, peace and hope.
Yet, children are among the most vulnerable group to suffer from abuse and deception.
The saddest picture on earth is probably tears on a child's face.
Let's meet North Korea's children:

Chidren help their families with agricultural activities.
Schools probably never teach them that child labor is prohibited globally.

Soldiers. The uniforms certainly make them look like adults.

Kids in Nampho orphanage.

Malnutrition is still very prevalent, and income disparity too.
A life without fear in NK perhaps only exists in dreams.

"The happiest children of the world"

Food is everything. 

School uniforms: white shirt + dark blue skirts / trousers + symbolic red tie.
The red tie as children's uniform exists in almost all Communist countries.
Children are children after all.
They still enjoy small things and friends surrounding their lives, putting the world aside.

Probably the most horrendous picture on internet.
The top one is from the famine that lasted 10 years from 1995 which resulted in 2.5 million deaths. The bottom one is probably more recent. Not much improved.

Children are expected to smile in front of audiences, even if their hearts won't listen.

Forbidden: The regime considers showing smiles or casual expressions under portraits of the leadership to be disrespectful.
2011, in front of Juche tower.
 Nowadays NK children seem to have more fun, thanks to Made in China imports.

Same clothes, same faces, same motion, expected to have same minds.
Arirang mass games.
Cannot imagine what punishment they'll receive if one off them falls down.
"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."
- Anne Frank

Saturday, March 31, 2018

At least 7 NK defectors in China arrested days before Kim's trip

  Media report that prior to Kim Jong Un's visit to China on March 26th, at least 7 North Koreans who defected to China were arrested. They may face forced deportation and later becoming victims of abuse.

  According to activists, 3 teenage North Koreans were reported to authorities by local residents when they were waiting for trains in ShenYang, China.
1 day after that, 4 others including children were also reported.

  Some people say that Chinese authorities pay handsome prices for those who report the defectors.
Selfishness is such a decadence.

  Even not being reported, North Korean defectors in China live lives that are less worth than animals'. They are often not treated as human beings.

A defector who lives in JiLin, China, living an abandoned life worse than that of stone ages.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

look at this! two human rights abusers standing together for the first time

i'm sure it's all for the good of the people.

DailyNK was right. it was Kim Jong-Un on the train

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Footage of North Korean smuggler drowned after falling through the ice on the Yalu river

Posted on DailyNK today

The man was smuggling medical supplies but had too heavy a load and slipped under the ice
the victim's wife on the right-hand side (now a widow) is in great distress as she sees the body of her husband pulled out of the water.

The only good thing that came out of this is that it has made the eyewitnesses more disillusioned with the NK regime and the word will spread.

Commiserations to the man's wife and may he rest in peace.

Monday, March 26, 2018

North Korean ghost ships

here is a good article from the One Free Korea blog presented by Joshua Stanton.

he has done a lot of independent research into this and has come to the conclusion that the North Korean regime has sold North Korean fishing rights to China.
so China comes in with its big fishing trawlers and cleans everything up leaving the average fisherman with no choice but to venture further out to sea in un seaworthy boats to get a catch.
they get caught in the strong winds and dragged further out to sea eventually getting shipwrecked on the west coast of Japan.

the little guy gets sold out again.

it's a long article so quite a bit of reading but he put a lot of work into this.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dissenters are getting bolder

Defacing of posters and pictures have been going on for years now but this was done on a prominent government building in Pyongyang.

According to the article, there is footage out there somewhere. whoever did it better not get caught.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jinhye Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA at Georgetown THiNK's annual conference "LIFE in North Korea"

Jinhye Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA participate in Georgetown THiNK's annual conference "LIFE in North Korea" on Saturday, March 17, 2018.

The annual conference was held at White-Gravenor Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

North Korea is often understood in terms of abstraction and geopolitics, this year’s conference explores how individuals experience North Korea in the prison system, family structure, marketplace, and other parts of everyday life.

The conference is designed to encourage dialogue between speakers and attendees, this event provides a perspective of North Korea that you can not find in the news—like dating, entertainment, and gender!

At the end of the conference, participants play The Game of Life (in North Korea), a THiNK-designed activity that simulates a variety daily experiences above the 38th parallel.

The 10th Anniversary from North Korea to the USA for Jinhye Jo and Grace Jo

It has been 10 years since Jinhye Jo and Grace Jo with their mother have successfully escaped from North Kore and settle down in the USA.

Let us celebrate their dedicated efforts for the human rights of North Korean refugees as well as their happy lives in the USA.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA, talks at The McCain Institute, Arizona State University

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA (North Korean refugees in the United States) talks at The McCain Institute, Arizona State University.

Institute Director for Human Rights and Democracy Paul Fagan speaks with Grace Jo about the human rights situation in North Korea. Jo, Vice President of NK in the United States, defected from North Korea and now lives in the United States.

Grace Jo spoke about what she and her family experienced in North Korea and how her family escaped from North Korea via China.

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA, speaks out at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Public Policy

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States), speaks out at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Public Policy.

Grace Jo spoke about the hardships and horrors she and her family endured trying to escape the country over the course of a decade.  Grace Jo revealed her grandmother’s dying wish was to eat a baked potato. Her father was tortured for fleeing the country in search of food. Her oldest sister is still missing.

Only three out of the eight members of her family survived in North Korea. After Grace Jo’s mother lost her husband, mother and four children, she fled with Jo and her sister to China. Over the following 10 years, they were sent back to North Korea twice.

Finally, with the help of a Korean-American pastor and the United Nations Refugee Agency, Grace Jo's family members were able to move to the United States as recognized refugees.

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA, talks to JJ Green at WTOP-FM Washington DC

Grace Jo, Vice President of NKinUSA (North Korean Refugees in the United States) escaped from North Korea in 2006, but not before her grandmother, father and four siblings died of starvation or simply disappeared while out searching for food.

Now with the start of the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Grace Jo says she is suspicious of North Korea's interest in participating and cozying up to South Korea and she tells Target USA that we may soon find out that the warming of relations is what not it seems to be.

Friday, March 9, 2018

북한 탈북민들은 트럼프 대통령이 김정은 위원장을 만나서 북한 주민의 인권에 대해서 언급하기를 희망

2018년 5월에 미국 트럼프 대통령과 북한 김정은 위원장이 만난다. 이 때에 트럼프 대통령이 북한 주민의 인권 문제에 대해서 지적해 주기를 북한 난민들은 희망하고 있다.

북한 난민들 입장에서 인권 문제가 가장 중요하다. 지금 상황에서 북한 핵무기와 장거리 미사일 폐기가 가장 우선이지만, 북한 인권 문제도 다루면 좋겠다.

요즘은 한반도에 평화의 분위기가 최고조에 달하고 있어서 기쁘다. 왠지 한반도 통일에 한 걸음 더 가까워진 것 같다.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hooray for NKinUSA (Rescue of three North Korean refugees)

A recent report from NKinUSA stating that three North Koreans have successfully made it to Thailand with the assistance of NKinUSA.

Any North Korean who makes it to the safe ground is cause for celebration.

Thank you to the NKinUSA crew for making it happen

Saturday, March 3, 2018

"북한 정치범 수용소"에 대한 연극 상영

"북한 정치범 수용소"에 대한 연극이 상영 중이다.

연극의 내용은 북한 보안원 소좌(소령)이던 "순철"이 몰래 기독교를 믿던 약혼녀의 행위를 묵인하고 심지어 탈북을 방조했다는 이유로 사형 판결을 받았다가 극적으로 살아나 정치범수용소에 갇혀 생활하는 과정을 그렸다.

연극은 북한 정치범 수용소의 수감자들과 지도원(교도관)들을 모두 '짐승' 같은 상황에 처해 있다는 메시지를 담았다.